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Activities for the whole family

When it comes to fun, our helpers’ team is an expert!
With experienced professionals, our helpers ensure a lot of joy and excitement during your stay.

Here at the Novotel Itu Golf & Resort, you enjoy different activities for you and your whole family. With a varied program of activities – walking, hydrogymnastics, rhythm classes, gymkhanas and much more – it is still possible to enjoy our complete leisure structure with our Parque Aquático, infinity pool (heated), gym, games room, Red sandy clay tennis courts and Football field with natural grass.

In addition to the partnership with Terras de São José Golfe Clube and Centro Hípico Terras de São José, next to the hotel.

Recreational activities are divided and developed by age group:

04 to 06 years old: Playful activities that make little ones feel as if they were in a fairy tale. The activities are varied, such as hunting with characters, treasure hunting, workshops, kids talent show and outdoor activities.

07 to 12 years old: With this group, activities are more radical. Some of the entertainment for this group are: pie in the face, deciphering conundrums, night hunts, game tournament, football, peg and challenge in the waterslides.

13 to 17 years old: The Teen crowd has burst onto the scene and the activities vary for all tastes, like for example bash, terror hunts, dodgeball, musical quiz, volleyball, Platum War, challenges with prizes and various gaming tournaments.

Adults: Adults do not stay out of it and the only rule is to have fun! Throughout the day the leisure team organize various activities such as stretching, walking, rhythm class, parents & children soccer, zumba class, bingo, games between couples, hydro show and aquatic challenges.

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