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L’Occitane au Brésil Spa of Novotel Itu Golf & Resort is the first of the brand located in a resort in Brazil.

All treatments have been developed for you to experience complete wellness experiences. It provides a true sensory journey through the body and facial treatments, bringing body and mind to a feeling of complete relaxation.

The Spa combines products made from Brazilian natural ingredients and the best massages. It provides a large heated swimming pool, showers, waterfalls and hydromassage, in an isolated and unique environment to help bring an end to the stress and recharge you!


L'Occitane au Brésil Spa combines products made with natural Brazilian ingredients and the best massages  
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Types of Massage:

Lemon Grass Relaxing Massage – 50 minutes
It relieves stress and muscle strains – Ideal for customers who have trouble sleeping

Lemon Grass Deep Tissue Massage – 50 minutes
To relax your muscles and refresh – Ideal for sports customers and after a long journey

Water Lily Jet-Lag Treatment – 50 minutes
It fights against fluid retention and fatigue. Ideal for customers who spend a lot of time sitting and also for those who want to quickly recover from the Jet-Lag effect.

Cashew Modeling Massage – 50 minutes
It fights cellulite and lack of skin firmness – Ideal for new moms and before summer

Revitalizing Mandacaru Moment – 80 minutes
It relieves stress and strain – Ideal for customers with fatigue or lack of energy

Mandacaru Deep Moisturizing – 110 minutes
It nourishes the skin, relieves fatigue and relaxes muscle tension

Bacuri Nourishing Body Mask – 35 minutes
Deep skin moisturizing

Mandacaru Ultra Soft Feet – 35 minutes
For foot relief and repair

Cashew Firming Exfoliation – 35 minutes
Removal of dead skin cells and firmness

Cashew Draining Massage – 50 minutes
It fights swelling and excess fluid

Hot Stone Massage with Lemongrass Tangerine – 50 minutes or 80 minutes
It relieves day to day tensions and fatigue

Immortelle – Provence Youth Secret – 60 minutes
It invigorates, purifies, rejuvenates and stimulates the facial circulatory system

Karite – Provence Nourishing Comfort – 60 minutes
Facial drainage that stimulates the facial microcirculation, providing a sense of facial moisturizing

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