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Itu is known as the “City of Exaggeration”, thanks to Itu comedian Francisco Flaviano de Almeida. It all began on a popular TV show in the 60s, where Francisco played the country guy “Simplício” and told stories about his homeland – always in an exaggerated way. This joke has gained so much fame that it intensified the flow of tourists in Itu interested in getting to know its giant objects, such as the telephone booth and the traffic light, located in the main square of the city.

Known also for its history, Itu is considered the cradle of the Brazilian republic for having hosted the first Republican Convention of Brazil in 1873. Considered the third tourist resort of the state of São Paulo, the city of Itu has several tour options that guarantee an unforgettable trip for the whole family.

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Al. São Paulo Golf, 13306-440 Sao Paulo
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