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Things to do

Cachaçaria Vilela – Located in the city of Cabreúva, the cachaçaria was founded more than 40 years ago by the Vilela brothers. With a production of 500 litres per day, the cachaça is aged for six years in Jequitibá wooden barrels. The production is carried out in Sítio Água Comprida, a totally wooded and traditional place in the region.

Cidade das Crianças – Outdoor park with playground, slides, mini themed houses and many other toys. Totally accessible to children with reduced mobility, there are options for wheelchair users, such as merry-go-round and swing. The place is suitable for children up to 10 years.

Shopping in Itu – Take the opportunity to buy the giant-size souvenirs, which are the city’s trademark, and get to know the antique shops of Itu. Another good option for shopping and family outing is the Plaza Shopping Itu, with several shops and leisure options.

Estrada Parque – Also known as Rodovia dos Romeiros, it was opened in 1922 next to Tietê River. In the midst of nature and with a wonderful landscape, the road is the route of many travellers, tourists and pilgrims that follow their destination to Santuário de Pirapora do Bom Jesus.

Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro – FAMA takes up a central area in Itu where a textile industry has operated for many years with historical and cultural relevance to the region. The space is now the Headquarters of Fundação Marcos Amaro, which houses the collection of the artist and collector who gives the institution his name.

Fazenda Chácara do Rosário – Since 1756, formerly known as Engenho Grande, the country house has a bandeirista style. Built of rammed earth with its old preserved sugar mill, it even has produced much of the sugar from the province of São Paulo. Nowadays, they make several sightseeing, among them, the traditional horseback riding by the historical farms and see the sunset.

Fazenda do Chocolate – Visiting Fazenda do Chocolate de Itu is practically making a trip back in time to the 17th century, the era of the bandeirantes. In the midst of nature, the place also offers many attractions on countryside life such as horseback riding, pony trekking, the mini zoo and the lake with giant carps, where you can feed the animals and have closer contact with nature.

Museu da Energia – The collection of Museu da Energia de Itu provides a journey back in time, with over one hundred years of history. This trip to the past begins immediately upon entering the museum, which is located in an 1847 townhouse in the historic centre of Itu. Visitors are invited to reflect on the influence of the arrival of energy in people’s daily lives and habits, from the oil lamps to the most advanced products such as home appliances launched in the twentieth century.

Museu da Música – Institution of guard and research of references on the production, reproduction, preservation and communication of the music of the various communities in Itu.

Museu Republicano Convenção de Itu – The townhouse at Rua Barão de Itaim, where the Itu Convention took place on April 18, 1873, houses a large collection of the Republic history until today. The Republican Museum keeps some of the history and curiosities of the monarchy in Brazil.

Parque Geológico do Varvito – Opened in 1995, it is considered to be a geological monument, having been overtaken by Condephaat. The name varvito is due to the denomination used by geologists to the type of sedimentary rock present in the place and that makes it unique. Parque Varvito is part of a bundle of sedimentary rocks that contain evidence of an extensive glacial age of more than 280 million years when a huge ice blanket or sheet covered the southeastern region of South America.

Praça dos Exageros – The square was opened because of the city’s fame, known as “City of Exaggeration”. There are several giant objects, among them chess, ladybugs, ants, pencil games and the doll of the Itu comedian Francisco Flaviano de Almeida, Simplício, the comedian character in the program A Praça é Nossa, to whom all success is due.

Praça Padre Miguel (Praça da Matriz) – In front of the Nossa Senhora da Candelária church, the “Orelhão de Itu” and the Giant semaphore, symbols of the “city where everything is giant” are in that square.

Rodeio de Itu – One of the most expected events of the year in the city, Rodeio de Itu takes place 13 years ago, always bringing concerts of great names of Brazilian music and attracting thousands of people from around the state of São Paulo. In 2019, the rodeo will be from September 6 to 14.

Templo Budista Kadampa – Located in Cabreúva, the Temple is the third built as part of the International Temples Project and considered the largest one until today. Architecture bestows a beauty, which according to the Kadampas calms the mind beyond being seen by practitioners as a sacred object.

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